Im a dude who spends too much time on the internet and hates his life 🤪

(Im cringe i know) I like lots of things! stuff like TMNT, stardew valley, duck tales(2017), i get hyperfixations on random things, at the moment ive been making friendship bracelets, and rainbow loom too? dead by daylight is really fun too at the moment, full metal alchemist too, that one is really good. Jerma985 is fun to listen to, currently ive been playing my spotify as often as possible so that my play time at the end of the year will be super crazy. it think that sounds like a lot of fun. im going to try and work on this website too. but now im really just typing to type,(edited 4-10-24 9:02pm)

i wanna choke whoever invented coding this is so hard for me but i want to learn so bad.

ANYWAYS! my pronouns are he/him and id prefer if you didnt talk to me about South Park unless were mutuals? not a big deal tbh.

im planning on posting vent art on here at some point so please be careful on here!! Ill tag any triggers i can think of,,, Thats all i got right now? (writen 9-25-22 1:57am)

Home Page!

click on tails,,,