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Im Dante or Donnie! It's nice of you to stop by!

This is a personal blog to host my creative projects and thoughts. It wont be the nicest website, but I'm trying my best to make something that is nice to look at :3

Random Ramblings About My Life

Kat Emoji5/22/2024 Blog PostFruiti Emoji

I've been playing the Portal games recently, They were on sale or something, I dont actually remember, but Im working on 100%ing the first game since there are only 15 achievements. So I'm playing through the whole game again and I only get 25/26 radios even know I played the game specifically focusing on them! I have no idea how I missed one! And the only way to check which one I missed would be to check every level! It's kinda really irritating.

I'd really like to have more games 100% on steam, I only have 4 at the moment and theyre all really easy games tbh, if youre curious its Firewatch, Mail Time, Unpacking, and My Dream Setup... Like I said easy games with not a lot of achievements. I am pretty close to getting some other games. I have 35/49 of the Stardew ones, 91/115 Terraria, 44/55 from Rusty's Retirement (it's an idle game lol). I also have been working on my card colections on steam, I wish you could still have the cards on your account after you make them into the badge, I get why you can't, but maybe theyre just locked to your account and you can't trade them or sell them..? I don't know, I lost some pretty cute cards I had cause I wanted the badge, and the badge wasnt as cute as the cards :(. Again if youre curious it was for the Miku Picross game, so if any of you want to send me your Len card form that game :3 I'd give you a little kiss on the forehead.

But yeah! just playing a lot of video games... A lot of Portal. Do you guys like the first or second game more? I know that Portal 2 is like. Way better. BUT I kinda prefer the first one?? I love the second game but its so long? But also GLaDOS is peak in the second game. I love her. MWAH! Portal 2 has a better story for sure. They both got good things about them. They're both very good games.

Another thing that's been on my mind is going back to my old job T_T But all the people that I like there are starting to leave anyways. I don't know. I feel like other people are starting to look at me as lazy and pathetic for not having a job, DREAD just courses through my veins when I think about all the terrible experiences I've had in my working life.

I had a job interview, and they told me they would give me a call back to let me know if i got it. Its been a while now. And the whole interview I was shaking, I was so nervous. I dont think I got the job. :,) yippee. If you're reading this and have any suggestions for remote jobs um :3 again a little kiss on the forehead for you :3 :3

WOW I had a lot to say today! hope I can put some of that energy into working on the site or on my comic! probably not :3 I hope you have a good night, Things will get better for you, and you are loved. bye bye!

Fruiti Emoji5/20/2024 Change Log UpdateKat Emoji

Changed some links and added this blog and Changelog section, I also made the emojis for Frutti and Kat, Plan on making more to add help distinguish tone of posts, and better filter the blog posts from the change logs. ATM The order of the emojis will be used to seperate Blog VS Change. Added a few picture to the photography page

Kat Emoji5/20/2024 Blog PostFruiti Emoji

I am so uncontent with my life, I want more than I can get with what I have.

I want to be close with people like me, and the people I do have close to me feel like they drift away more and more, and on top of that, they're getting the things I long so deeply for.

I tell myself "I just need to go out and meet people. Find some safe spaces" but then I remember I live in Texas. Or I *do* see someone I want to talk to, someone I want to get to know. But my body starts to have a physical reaction to the panic setting into my brain. Then I tell myself "I need to post more in virtual safe spaces, post my art, join groups that like the things I like"

Then again, I start to panic. My chest swells with the fear of the unknown, but more my mind drowning me in thoughts telling me "you did that wrong."

It makes doing anything feel impossible.